a Round the clock service for both out 
     patient as well in patient, supported by 
     qualified and experienced pharmacists

 a Well monitored and regulated supply and 
     stock of good quality medicines. Almost 
     all pharmaceutical supplies are available




a Well equipped and trained staff, serving round the clock.

a Offers all emergency care including Gynaecology, Surgery and Surgical 
     specialties, Child Care including new born and all medical emergencies

a Intensive Cardiac Care and Emergency Management Defilburators, 
     Centralized Oxygen Supply etc.

a Managed by well trained and experienced medical and paramedical 

a Round the clock Haematological, Biochemical and Radiological Diagnostic  

a Services of  specialist doctors form outside is arranged whenever 


a Laboratory services offer rapid &comprehensive analysis of chemistry and 
     cellular components of blood and body fluids

a Semiautomatic instrumentation used for biochemical and 
     haematological analysis

a Manned by qualified technically qualified and skilled technical staff

a Linked to major diagnostic labs for microbiological and histopathological 
     diagnoses which serves to achieve early and accurate results

aThe network of services in the lab are effectively coordinated so that every 
    patient receives complete facility towards proper diagnosis and treatment.



 a Ultrasound scanning of abdomen 
                    - All medical and surgical cases
                    - Antenatal studies
a Ultrasound Pelvis 
           Transvaginal for 
                   - Gynecological illness
                   - Early Pregnancies 
                   - Follicular studies as part of fertility treatment
a Transcranial ultrasound 
                   - For neonates
a Ultrasound for eye 
                   - A mode


a  All routine X-rays done
a Special Investigation 
               - Barium series of gastrointestinal tract
       - All contrast study of urogenital system i.e IUV, cystogram & MCU