The Ophthalmology Department of Devi Hospital Pvt Ltd, headed by Dr. Mathew Zachariah, MS. DO., has the capability in doing the latest cataract removal method: Phacoemulsification among other eye care services  like:

. Routine OP services for comprehensive eye check ups are done including
     screening for retinal diseases, glaucoma and refractive errors. 

. Conventional Capsular Cataract Surgery (ECCE) with IOL implantation.

. Routine Glaucoma surgeries 

. Minor surgeries like Pterygium excision, L & C for Chalasia, etc.

Besides, we have a very active community service program wherein we conduct eye camps, offering services totally free of cost to poor and needy. This includes OP, surgical facilities and follow up services. 

We are affiliated to "Abhayam", a leading NGO for eye donation, to further the cause for eye donation. 


is today accepted as the most proficient way for cataract removal. Here, ultrasonic power is used to emulsify the nucleus and to remove the emulsate by a fluid circuit. It causes minimal disturbance to the eyes and no sutures are required. Thus recovery is very fast after a patient undergoes phacoemulsification to remove cataract.  

The highlights of phacoemulsification procedure:

aPatients can have the surgery done and walk home, the same day 
aThe procedure makes a minimum incision of 3.2 mm and hence no sutures
    are necessary. This results in faster healing and recovery in 10-15 days 
aPatients can start reading and watch Television from the next day onwards 
aThe surgery is not very expensive


The department of Orthopaedics at Devi Hospital Pvt Ltd, headed by Dr. Benny Mathew, M.B,B.S., D.Ortho., has a well equipped operation theatre that can deal with fracture and soft tissue injuries. It has the support of well trained staff.